Improve employee absence in the workplace:

A manufacturing company based in Telford with approximately 60 employees contacted Justine Vaughan with a particular issue, one of their employees had been taking excessive amounts of time of work through sickness.

The financial implications of this meant that the company had to rely on other employees to manage the workload of the absent employee which is now beginning to take its toll and affect team morale. Others were feeling frustrated and demotivated with the individual and that the offending employee was still employed, despite a continuous problem with getting to work.
Despite various “off the record” and “informal” discussions things were not improving so the client contacted Justine as they were at the point of considering dismissal.

It was very clear to Justine when looking at the process and history of the employee’s absence that the individual was taking advantage of long weekends. The employee had 12 years service with no previous examples of poor attendance.  Therefore a clear and structured process was required to ensure that the matter was dealt with legally.  Justine reviewed the existing process and suggested that the “Bradford Factor” be implemented.
The Bradford factor is a method that places a value on the absence which is used in conjunction with a points system to identify persistent short term absence of employees by measuring the number and length of spells of absences.
By implementing this process into the business the company was able to manage the process consistently and deal with each absence by using return to work interviews and staying close to the issue, resulting in being able to very quickly apply the formal disciplinary policy.  The outcome was that the employee was eventually dismissed.