Poor Performing Employee – Disputes in the Workplace:

Regularly we are working with clients throughout Shropshire, Cheshire and surrounding counties to help support managers deal with disgruntled employees.  Generally this is as a result of poor performance in the workplace or individuals who are just causing disruption in the office.

Often managers find it difficult to tackle this type of scenario and often choose to ignore it in the hope it will go away.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

A manufacturing company in Wrexham with 50 employees contacted Justine to help deal with an employee who had raised a grievance with his line manager and was accusing victimisation.  He was also very unhappy that his quality of work and job performance was being questioned.
The issue was that the employee was not performing his job role and making careless mistakes, which not only had financial implications to the business but was having an adverse effect on the morale of other team members.
The line manager, quite rightly started the discussion process with the employee making his expectations for improvement clear.  Later this progressed to applying the disciplinary policy as a result of poor performance.  Unfortunately the employee was unhappy with this action and decided to raise a grievance.

Justine provided support to the line manager and advised on the process required for both the handling of the ongoing poor performance issue and now the grievance that needed to be investigated.