How much do you know?

Keeping up to date with changes in employment law is important for any employer. So, when we exhibited at a recent Shropshire Chamber of Commerce business expo, we decided to test the knowledge of attendees at the event. Almost 50 people completed a short “Employment law quiz” – with interesting results.

HR Services - wearing many hatsThe Questions

  1. When must an employer issue an Employment Contract to a New Starter?
  2. What is the minimum recommended notice for an employee required to attend a disciplinary meeting?
  3. What is the upper limit compensation for unfair dismissal?
  4. What service must an employee have to make a claim for unfair dismissal?


The Results - the number of people answering correctly:

  • Question 1 – a contract must be issued to a New Starter within 8 weeks. This was answered correctly by 10 participants (20%).
  • Question 2 was answered correctly by 22 (44%) people - 48 hours.
  • Question 3 – £76,574 is the upper limit, correctly answered by 16 (32%) participants.
  • Question 4 – this was answered correctly by 22 (44%) people – 2 years service is required.


The results show a reasonable level of HR knowledge but only 5 people got all the answers correct. To avoid risking a potentially expensive mistake, employers need to protect their interests by making sure they are on top of the relevant legislation.

At Triangle HR, we share our knowledge with our clients to keep them up to date with new regulations, HR innovations, best practice and the latest developments in employment law.  To stay on the ball with your HR needs, call the Triangle HR team on 01743 444007 or email us at