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employment law

We know it’s a tough balancing act when legislation is constantly changing

Our expert employment lawyers speak in plain English – and they understand business. Best of all, they’re friendly and approachable, which we think makes them stand out for the right reasons.

When you contact them, you’ll always speak to a senior member of the team who will be able to assist you with any query or issue you may have. They’ll explain everything as they go along, and will relate employment law directly to your personal business. They will give you all of the options and then guide you through the employment law maze in the quickest and most practical manner.

With over 100 new UK and European laws introduced every year, do you have the time, skill and dedication to stay completely up-to-date? And if you’re not current, are you aware of how vulnerable you might be? Employees understand their rights so you need to as well. With over 100,000 taking their employers to court last year alone, non-compliance isn’t an option if you want to avoid possibly unlimited fines.

Let us help guide you through the minefield of employment legislation and procedure, by offering the very best employment law advocacy and advice. No people-related issues are too complex and we’re on hand as part of your team when you need us.

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