Health and Safety services

health and safety

We know that health and safety is a tough balancing act when legislation is constantly changing

Do you have a documented health and safety policy and assessment of all risks and hazards? If you employ people then you should, and failure to could result in a workplace accident and unlimited fines. We can help you to create a safer environment for employees, customers and visitors as well as meet your legal obligations – and all without causing you a headache.

Our dedicated health and safety consultants will visit your site personally to conduct an audit of your existing practices and procedures. They will then produce a report giving advice on areas which require improvement. They can help you implement the necessary changes and can help train your staff so they know how to use the systems, but most importantly, why they need to. They can visit every six months to carry out a check to ensure that the systems are working and help if they need tweaking.

Our experts will be available online and on the phone as you need them, and they can help with the implementation of health & safety practices and procedures, including training your staff. If you have an accident they can investigate and even manage all of your required risk assessments covering areas like the workplace, work equipment, hazardous substances, fire, and manual handling.

So for practical, professional help and a tailored solution, click here to arrange your FREE consultation.