Payroll Services


“We know it’s a tough balancing act when legislation is constantly changing

Whether you have one or 100 employees, we can offer a payroll service to take away the headache of constantly-changing tax and National Insurance (NI) regulations.

Perhaps you need easy-to-understand payslips, or someone to take over the direct payment of your staff salaries into their bank accounts. It might be the HMRC remittance that is causing you stress. However you need us, we’re happy to offer a modular, cost-effective and completely bespoke payroll package to suit your business.

We can produce detailed payment summaries and tailored company reports, can conduct a thorough PAYE and NI health check to ensure you comply with the latest legislation, and even negotiate and liaise with HMRC on your behalf and represent you in the event of a compliance visit.

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What’s included:

Payroll Set-up (loading your current information into our software)

  • Providing spreadsheets for inputting information
  • Calculating the payroll – including basic hours, overtime, pension contributions, Tax, NI, statutory and any other payments
  • Producing reports (BACS list, Security Payslips, Tax and NI breakdown per employee, Statutory payments breakdown (SSP, SMP etc – if needed), Pension report, HMRC payment to collector breakdown (Monthly basis), Departmental analysis (if needed) and Employer Costs breakdown which will all be emailed to your nominated contact
  • P45’s for leavers
  • Personalised messages on payslips to all employees (one per run – i.e. Happy Xmas)

Year End Processing and Reports
Includes the production of P14′s, P35′s and P60′s. The Tax Year-End return will be submitted by Internet.

Reprocessing of payroll run
We will allow 2 re runs per year – after that we reserve the right to make an additional charge.

All charges are subject to annual review.

Operational matters subject to periodic review on an annual basis at least.

Chargeable Extras

  • Posting payslips direct to employees.
  • Recovering historical information from archives – i.e. assisting the compiling of historical information for tribunal.

Additional work and fees are subject to prior agreement.